I've successfully helped launch 50+ products

Some companies that have used my services


Graphic Design is one of the most essential things in business. I study

what catches the eye's of your buyer and the markets demand, making you stand out and more eye catching than your competitors.


Do you want to stand out on the shelfs? A good package designer is essential. I have designed and helped design packages for some of the biggest companies on the market. If you want to stand out from your competitors. This is the way to go.


Having a high end studio and equipment is a huge thing, but filming goes further than that. I bring the beautiful shots of photography in to video (cinematography). All while telling the story your clients need to hear.


Fun Fact:Humans process image's 60,000 times faster than we process words. People are now looking at photos rather than words. One image can tell a story 60,000 times faster than words. From doing photoshoots on a  9 day trip, 10,000 feet high, and doing product photo's, to taking senior photos. I can do the right photo for you.




Using Sam as your media expert is a one man stop, not just making it cheaper but making it a lot easier, contacting only one guy, not the normal five different media guys at one time.

This allows keeping your brand looking all the same with the same art type across the board.

Also, Sam has his hand in a lot of companies and can get a

cheaper cost for your project with other companies.



Samuel is a great freelancer and absolute pleasure to work with. His work quality is

top-notch and he strives to excel in his work. The project required multiple changes and various iterations. Samuel was patient, detail-oriented and always willing to work with us to get to make sure we were pleased with the end product.

Package Design Expert

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