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Hi, I'm Samuel Clark. I'm fine with being called Sam. The picture of me on the left is my wife and I, she is so amazing and amazes me every day. Since you have gotten to this page, I assume you have looked through some of my work by now. I have done many types of work, I started freelancing about 13 years ago from filming a race car tv show to going around the U.S. filming dance competitions. From package/graphic designs in Wal-Mart to packages sold on Amazon. To doing photos of Senior pictures to 10,000 feet high across the U.S. for a hunting product. I have done a lot. I always make sure to be understandable. Let me know your product, even if you think it is dumb or your scared to share it with someone. I have done a ton of work for the church. Years and years of work for different churches and it's great. Always working for God and He is first. 

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